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 Shahadah - the First Pillar of Islam!

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PostSubject: Shahadah - the First Pillar of Islam!   Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:10 am

The first part of Shahadah is testifying that there is none worthy of worship except Allah.
There are seven conditions of the Shahadah:

1. Knowledge - to understand what it means;
2.Certainty - to have no doubt about anything confirmed in the Quraan or Sunnah;
3. Acceptance - by the tongue and the heart of whatever the Shahadah implies;
4. Submission/Compliance - the actual physical enactment by deeds;
5. Truthfulness - to say the Shahadah sincerely, with honesty, to actually mean it;
6. Sincerity - to do it solely for the sake of Allah;
7. Love - to love the Shahada and to love its implications and requirements and what it stands for.

The Shahada is not simply saying it with your tongue. We need to adhere to these conditions. If we say the Shahada sincerely and with honesty, we will not do anything which contradicts with or violates the Shahada.

The second part of the Shahadah carries the following conditions:

1. To believe in the Prophet, sallallahu' alayhi wasallam, and in whatever he told us and conveyed to us;
2. To obey him in whatever he commanded us to do;
3. To stay away from or avoid whatever he commanded us not to do;
4. To follow or emulate him in our ibadah and way of life;
5. To love him more than we love ourselves, our family and anything else in this world;
6. To understand, practice and promote his Sunnah in the best way possible, without creatiing any chaos, enmity or harm;
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Shahadah - the First Pillar of Islam!
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